Educational Video and Webinars à la Karu

We at Karu believe that learning is faster if the educational material is professionally made, entertaining and visually engaging. In our tool set we have everything to create exactly that: swift brainstorming, mobile equipment, agile post-production and versatile illustration and animation capabilities.

Learning material made remotely

Making a video does not necessarily require a live-meeting. We can edit and animate an educational video out of the material you send us. A video can also be entirely animated, in which case we only need from you the subject matter and end-goals. The package always includes high-quality sound, music that fits the theme, and, when needed, a voice over track.

Education Video Shot Professionally

In case your educational video needs newly recorded material, it should be done meticulously. Professional equipment and crew, in addition to a imaginative implementation guarantee the viewers’ attention and support learning. A bold educational video can also work as a part of your marketing.

Webinars and Live Streams

We at Karu treat our customers’ webinars and live streams as if they were TV programs. This encompasses a well-lit space, polished images and balanced sound. We can run pre-recorded inserts during the live stream or even custom-tailor and animate a logo screen. Our technology enables you to live stream via YouTube or your existing streaming app.

Contact us and ask for an offer! Let’s make an educational video or a webinar that meets exactly your needs!


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