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The air was biting-cold and a lonely van rattled along the road. Inside there was an argument over the heating because one passenger was sweating, another shivering and the third had to press his thumbs against the windshield to see the road through the frost. The trio was on their way to their first shoot together to Isokyrö in Ostrobothnia.

From fire alarms to cheers

The filming day at the local school was challenging: there were numerous scenes to cover, a lot of people to direct, and the schedule did not cut any slack. The pupils were on rampage, teachers trashed their offices and test papers were torn to pieces. Everything, except for the fire alarms, went according to plan. As a result from all of this was a sprightly video called Pulpetin yllä, which went on to run in the local movie theatre among other venues.

“Every job is an adventure”

On the way back home, the mood was quiet. None of the three wanted this trip to end. The thirst for adventure crystallized into the idea of starting a company. Even though the name Karu didn’t exist yet, its motto was born: “Every job is an adventure.”  Today, Karu Films employs almost a dozen professionals, and the company’s experience and equipment have grown significantly. Yet, the same love for exploration remains. Our main goal still is that every project we embark on should be an adventure.

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