Lindström: Flow Ability

Lindström Group is one of the leading textile service companies in Europe, providing solutions for cleanliness and decoration for business premises as well as for work wear and protection. The company operates in 24 countries, around Europe and Asia.

As Lindström’s video partner, we have designed and produced international video marketing for their B2B-needs. We created a bold and distinct video campaign around the Flow Ability service concept. The campaign combines dance and information graphics and it featured two musical-like video commercials: one for public restroom services and another for workwear maintenance. We took care of the whole project, all the way from the idea to set decorating and graphic design.

The collaboration with Lindström begun with the launch of e-Lindström service. The goal of the video, targeted for international market, was to attract interest towards the new service. The shoot took place on the premises of Lindström’s client company Casemet. This cheerful spot received a great response.


We also took part in the design and creation of an example video for Lindström’s ‘Super Hero’ video series. The concept consists of customer stories from a variety of countries, following Lindström’s workwear users and their work. In this video, we had the chance to get to know Atria’s smart clothing technology.

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