Tampere University: Researcher Showcase

Over the years we have made videos for Tampere University with many different advertising agencies, but this project has undoubtedly been the most monumental of them all: more than 30 researcher showcase videos.

Kaski Agency had designed with the university a concept based on a researcher and their work  up close, a three-pronged questionnaire and a voice-over interview. Our approach was to build the mood with teasing close-ups before revealing the researchers themselves at the end.

In autumn 2020 the concept was piloted with four researcher showcase videos from Tampere University’s new fields of research strategy. The videos were a great success and received well. The concept was then expanded to showcase the university’s researchers at work.

Due to the large number of videos, the project required careful planning: scheduling every one of the  researchers, logistics, location scouting, storyboarding, as well as a compact and efficient crew. Our editing suite running red-hot while the film crew was out on location shooting more material. The concept and organising from Kaski Agency and Tampere University made the project smooth sailing and the entire project was kept on schedule all the way till the release. Karu directed, shot, edited and color graded the videos.

The researcher showcase video project is a prime example of a three-headed project model, where the co-operation of the customer, advertisement agency and production company is palpable in the process and the end result.

A wonderful experience – with a sequel in the making!

Check out the rest of the videos from our Youtube -channel!




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