In the cutting room the video is assembled from small bits and pieces into a coherent whole. The editing phase also includes sound design, music choices, color grading and integration of graphics with the video.

Often editing is part of the filming process, but sometimes you can get something from nothing, too. You might have some video clips available, and we can edit them into a story. Stock footage can also be brought online if, for instance, a trip to New York does not fit into the budget. Take a look at a video made with stock footage and graphics.

Video doesn’t always require video footage. With music, rhythm and animation, still images can be brought to life. In some cases it might be the most cost-effective yet snazzy solution. Take a look at an example of videoless video.

Ota yhteyttä, niin jutellaan lisää editin mahdollisuuksista.


Video editing

Sound design

Sound design


Color grading

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