With moving image, you can entertain, teach, inform, guide, move, affect and engage people. Whatever your aim is, video is probably the most efficient way of getting your message across. When you combine picture and sound with a great story, your audience is hooked.

Karu’s mission is to act as a partner with whom you can produce and develop your own kind of video marketing on any channel. We will produce your vision from script all the way through to final edit.

So, where to begin? It might be easier to understand your video needs with some examples:

Brand Film

A video is a great way to create long-lasting mental images. With brand films, you can tie your company values and style together with a memorable story.


Corporate Video

Every enterprise needs an introduction. A corporate video can be businesslike or hilariously funny. In any case, it should look just like your company.

Video Commercial

As the number of different channels increase, high-quality advertising becomes more and more important. With video commercials, your product or service can be both illustrated and tied to a story.


Customer Story

The good ol’ grapevine also works on video. If your customers are pleased with your work, let them tell it to the world. Customer story is currently one of the most popular types of video.

Recruitment Video

Video is a great tool for building an image of the employer. With recruitment and personnel videos, you can give your employees a voice that is heard.


Educational or tutorial videos

Which is it: a paper manual or tutorial video? Whatever it is you are teaching, video is the most engaging way to help people understand.

Your video can be a combination of everything mentioned here or it can be something completely different. Invite us over, and we can plan something outside the box together.

We can offer you the whole turn-key service or just singular parts of the production. You have also the possibility to rent some equipment from us. You can read more information about the process below.



Tarve löytyy, mutta idea ei ole vielä kirkas? Istutaan alas suunnittelemaan!



Päästetään kuvausryhmä irti ja tehdä ideallesi näyttävä toteutus!



Videon lisäksi otamme myös still-kuvia. Katso tuoreimmat otoksemme!



Projekti ja tekijät löytyy mutta välineet puuttuu? Kurkkaa kattava kalustolistamme!



Lentääkö ideat korkealla? Vaihdetaan siis perspektiiviä ja nostetaan dronet ilmaan!



Onko pöydälläsi kasa videoita ja valokuvia? Anna meidän luoda niistä vaikuttava kokonaisuus.



Aina videota ei tarvitse kuvata. Animaation avulla luomme ainutlaatuisen kokonaisuuden.



Joskus video kaipaa jotain mitä ei ole olemassakaan. Visuaalisissa efekteissä vain mielikuvitus on rajana.

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