Marketing that stands out in the crowd.

Internet sites, social media, ad breaks and roadside screens – all of them channels where the competition for viewers’ attention is fierce. So, how to stand out?

The audience’s time is precious. Marketing should, therefore, reward the viewer. Karu’s recipe for great content is simple: script that fits the target group, entertaining execution and a shiny polish.

We can do it all in the same package: from conceptualisation to production and still photography, all the way up to distribution.

How we do video marketing:
  • Define your target audience
  • Choose the advertising channels
  • Design the content
  • Craft a distinctive video
  • Distribute it and react to results
Karu’s services include:
  • Concept and screenwriting
  • Production
  • Video and stills
  • Animation and graphics
  • Campaign planning

Got interested? Ask for an offer on marketing videos!

Examples of marketing videos
Character-driven humour for air-source heat pump marketing

Combi Cool / Mainostoimisto Bananas

We wrote, directed, and produced a humour-filled video campaign for Combi Cool, a firm specialising in the sale and installation of air-source heat pumps.

Packaging re-branding

PrimaPet Premium – PrimaCat

We brought the PrimaCat pet food brand alive in an colourful ad campaign.

Magical Christmas greetings for Osuuskauppa KPO

Osuuskauppa KPO – Marketing agency Daddy Finland

In a story that combines live-action, VFX and animation, Christmas decorations come alive and catch up on past year’s events.