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We write and create the animations for the Yle Perjantai show that sums up the weekly theme with a twist.

Perjantai is YLE’s talk show which focuses on current affairs and controversial topics, always seeking new perspectives and deep insights. Perjantai’s aim is to make you think. The show consists of interviews, a short documentary and an animation. The animation works both as a comical relief and summarisation of the weekly topic. The graphic design created for the animation is also used for the show’s marketing and its opening sequence.


We designed an animated character of the show’s host Sean Ricks who, in the animations, goes on all kinds of mis-adventures relating to the weekly theme. With an expressive character and playful animation we can address serious topics with a comical twist. Every animation is created within the week – so efficiency is key.

You can watch all Perjantai animations on our Youtube-channel!

“Karu’s Perjantai animations are a triumph of imagination. They’re essential to Perjantai’s TV broadcast. These animations are much bigger stories than their length would entail in which wit and humour intertwine deliciously.”

Juha Portaankorva, Producer, Yle Perjantai

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