Grasping Cinema Etiquette with Animation


BioRex Cinemas






For BioRex Cinemas, we whipped up an animated guide that advises moviegoers on proper cinema etiquette.
Producing an Animated Guide to Cinema Etiquette

Recently, cinemas have seen their fair share of disruptions: covert movie recording, popcorn flinging, and blinding phone screens. BioRex Cinemas recognised the need to address this and chose humour as their tool. Our challenge was clear: create an engaging animation that encourages customers to respect their fellow movie-goers. This animation wouldn’t just grace the big screen before each film, but it was also adapted for BioRex’s social media and lobby displays.


Iconic Characters, Essential Lessons

Our most important mission was to make the piece so entertaining, viewers wouldn’t consider it just another list of rules. So we designed caricatures of iconic movie characters, leveraging their distinct traits to spotlight some typical misdemeanours. To be as relatable as possible, we set the scene within a cinema, where our main character finds himself amidst all these disruptions.

Opting for traditional 2D animation, we breathed life into these caricatures, ensuring both entertainment value and cost-effectiveness. Immersed in the project, our team even took on voice acting for our animated stars.

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