Brand Film in the Rain


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Video production

We conceptualised and produced a brand film capturing a few very important seconds.

The goal of the brand film was to demonstrate the impact of outdoor advertising and to showcase it at its best.



Mediateko takes brands to outdoor advertising spots in cities and leisure destinations throughout Finland – places where ads connect with consumers right as they’re about to make a purchase decision.

And it was high time Mediateko took centre stage on its own platforms!

In the brand film, we honed in on that split-second moment that captivates a passer-by. Two elements were essential: the evocative nature of rain, and a mesmerising actor.

As a whole, the project was very rewarding and meticulously planned. After finalising the script, we constructed and tested our custom rain machine, went to location to shoot tests, and previsualised the visual effects. We utilised storyboards to gauge the edit rhythm even before filming, ensuring we nailed down the total duration and, especially, the length of the VFX shots.

The filming itself went without a hitch – although the February weather turned the filming location into a freezing wind tunnel, chilling our outstanding actor, Tiia, to the bone! Mediateko’s team travelled across Finland to Tampere, seamlessly blending in as passersby in the film and, most importantly, forming a cheering squad for Tiia standing under the rain machine!

During post-production, the final rhythm of the story was carved out, and with visual effects, we brought to life the most crucial details. It was exhilarating to see our initial idea materialise exactly as envisioned!

"Outstanding work, and it was a pleasure collaborating with you!"

- Annika, Marketing Manager

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