Brand Film of a 50-year success story


Bronto Skylifts Oy

Brand Films




Video production

We created an epic brand film for Bronto Skylifts in which their class-leading expertise is elevated to new heights.

One of the world’s largest aerial platform manufacturers, the Finnish Bronto Skylifts celebrated their 50th anniversary with a new brand film. We decided to focus on Bronto’s craftsmanship, customer service and customers – the very qualities that make them a trusted, market-leading company. Relying on Finnish exoticism, the video’s aim was to convince the company’s international customer base.



The writing and production were conducted in close collaboration with Bronto. The challenge was to dramatise Bronto’s vision into cinematic form. Their wide contact network helped us along our way to a successful result.

During the filming process Bronto’s workers threw themselves into the project, defying even the most freezing environments. We managed to capture the changing seasons of Finnish nature – the last blizzards of winter and the first rays of spring sun.

“Karu knew how to bring our vision to life, leading the complex project forward calmly and professionally. The end result was even better than we anticipated. The anniversary brand film encapsulates our company’s identity well, and it has been received splendidly in Finland and internationally.”

Johanna Kulmala, Marketing Manager, Bronto Skylifts Oy

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