Impactful stories on the importance of peer support


Cancer Society of Finland

Documentary video



Video production

We produced a video series about the peer support activity of the Cancer Society of Finland, in which people involved with support person activities openly share their experiences.

The aim was to promote the importance of the support person activity carried out by the Cancer Society. Together with the client we planned a campaign where peer support participants would have their voices heard. 



Before the shoot, the director went over each talents’ history in the peer support activities. In the process, they could build a sense of mutual trust before telling the camera about their painful experiences.

As a result, we were able to capture emotional and genuine stories about the importance of peer support. Special thanks for their courage to our talents: Sonja, Eeva, Miki and Heikki!

“The co-operation with Karu’s crew went really well and we are extremely happy with the outcome!”

- Maarit Rautio, Communications Specialist, Cancer Society of Finland

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