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Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) - Perjantai Show

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Video production

We are intimately involved with the production of Yle Perjantai documentaries, handling cinematography, post-production and graphic design.

Yle Perjantai is a talk show whose aim is to make you think. The programme includes a talk show, animation and a short documentary. We have had the honour to participate in the cinematography, post-production and graphic design of numerous of these documentaries.



Karu’s cinematographers have shot documentaries such as Silikonisydän (Plastic Heart), Mopojonnet (The Moped Boys) and Tuhkimot Kokaiinikoukussa (Cocaine Cinderellas). In these short documentaries the cinematographer has to find ways to illustrate even the most painful of topics, directing the talents and creating the visual style.

Almost half of the documentaries are edited by Karu. Our post-production expertise can be seen in documentaries such as Mopojonnet, Yksin (Alone) and Estonian kapteeni (The Captain of Estonia). Furthermore, the video thumbnails are created by Karu’s graphic designers.

You can watch Perjantai documentaries on Yle Areena.

Similar works:
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Tampere University, Kaski Agency

We produced a series of close to a hundred videos for Tampere University of their researchers.

Impactful stories on the importance of peer support

Cancer Society of Finland

We produced a video series about the peer support activity of the Cancer Society of Finland, in which people involved with support person activities openly share their experiences.

Mad Year 1991

NouHau Productions

We were in charge of filming and post-production of a documentary mini-series ‘Hullu vuosi 1991’.