Template for a hundred videos


Tampere University, Kaski Agency

Documentary video


Video production

We produced a series of close to a hundred videos for Tampere University of their researchers.


Tampere university wanted to showcase their multi-disciplinary and trailblazing research. The aim was to interview and film close to a hundred top researchers. Kaski Agency and Tampere University created a video concept that was based on close-ups of the research work, threefold questionnaire and an interview of the researcher. Karu’s job was to take care of the visuals, sound and day-to-day production.



We approached the concept by creating a unified structure for the videos. We wanted to establish mood with close-ups and build up to a reveal shot of the researcher, putting them in the centre frame.

The exceptionally extensive video series required painstaking scheduling, scouting the locations and lots of pre-planning. We were able to reach our goal thanks to our professional and agile crew. At its peak were filming three videos a day, the editing suite running red-hot simultaneously.

Our clients’ effort put into the concept and arrangements were crucial in making the project happen. The researcher video series is a prime example of a three-pronged approach, where the client’s, the marketing agency’s and the video production company’s co-operation is a positive force throughout the process.

“How you meet a person makes a huge difference. Many researchers have brought up the fact that the shoots have been wonderful experiences for them and some have even called them the highlight of their year. You’ve really managed to have these people open up and be themselves.”

- Annamari Merta, Producer, Kaski Agency

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