On Japanese seas with movie magic


Groke Technologies, Troll Productions

Brand Films




Video production

We produced a cinematic marketing video for the Japanese market with Groke Technologies.


Groke released a new ship navigation system for the Japanese market. They needed an eye-catching video to demonstrate one of  the system’s most important uses: safe navigation at sea at night. The script and concept were made by Troll Productions, and Karu was entrusted with the production and post-production.



The starting point, a Japanese cargo ship sailing at night among numerous fishing vessels, entailed an expensive international production. This challenge was, however, overcome in Rauma, Finland.

With Groke’s amazing contact network, we were able to produce the interior shots onboard a ship at Rauma harbour. After our hard-working lighting team had blacked out the windows from the outside, we could enjoy the artificial night on the command deck.

For the exterior shots we depended on Karu’s VFX expertise. The aerial shots turned from day to night, and coastal cities into far-away horizons with some VFX magic. Authentic actors, meticulous colour grading and sound design were the final polishes needed. The end result was praised by client and audience alike.


“The job was handled splendidly and professionally. In pre-production they definitely did not take the easy way out, and Karu Films helped us bring our vision to life with wonderful directorial work.”

- Iiro Lindborg, VP Customer Solutions & Concepts

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