Janita Sarpola

Producer / Project manager

044 257 1547


Janita is the bedrock of Karu’s productions, making sure that the paperwork and budgets stay in check. She knows everything about horror movies, and her cutting sarcasm puts your average slasher film to shame. Janita is at her happiest when her post-it notes are in neat rows and the customer experience is through the roof.

Brand Film to epitomise an oath

UPM Metsä

We crystallised the value promise of UPM Forest into an emotional brand film.

Brand film electrifying life


We produced a moving and inspiring brand film to celebrate Elenia’s decade-long journey

Growing joy – Instructional videos in the style of Kekkilä

Kekkilä Garden

Everyone with a green thumb in the Nordics knows the name Kekkilä. We crafted instructional videos of their new products, combining information with style.