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We produced a moving and inspiring brand film to celebrate Elenia’s decade-long journey


The aim of the brand film was to raise brand awareness and warm up the audience towards the 10-year-old electricity network company. The script, written by Elenia and the advertising company Ilme, was aimed to touch and inspire Elenia’s own employees, as well as existing and future clients.



The script highlighted electricity between people and things – how a small spark can lead one on a life-long journey. Light and electricity is thus an integral part of each scene, from action to lighting and cinematography.

For Karu it was essential to invest in the casting process and  find particularly charming child actors. The Elenia employees were cast to act themselves, so that the brand film would also honour their professionalism.

The film premiered as a surprise event at Elenia’s 10th anniversary party for the employees. As the rumours go, even the engineers shed some tears.


“The atmosphere on set helped the actors relax and give their best. It felt like it was important for Karu to make others shine!”

- anonymous Elenia employee

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