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PrimaPet Premium - PrimaCat

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Video production

We brought the PrimaCat pet food brand alive in an colourful ad campaign.


Everything started with PrimaCat’s new brand. Colourful packaging and new products needed an equally lively ad campaign. Our aim was to highlight the brand’s new colours and the wide range of products for cats of all kinds. Faithful to the PrimaCat’s style we had to have real kitties accompanying the products.



We have several cat owners among our workers so we had a solid starting point for this project. The elegant design of Primacat’s products and the client’s positive attitude helped us to get off to a good start. The shoot was done on our willful talents’ terms – without sacrificing quality. We created each product its own little world which the talent could freely explore. Luckily their appetite for food and play was on point. 

We’ve had the pleasure of exploring PrimaCat’s colourful world in several diverse ad campaigns. Recently, we got acquainted with Ellen Jokikunnas’s cats as of part of their latest campaign.


“Co-operation with Karu is easy-going and smooth. We could brainstorm and toss ideas around together. Everything goes as planned, and the results are high quality.”

- Suvi Sillvan, Brand Specialist

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