Character-driven humour for air-source heat pump marketing


Combi Cool / Mainostoimisto Bananas

Video Marketing




Video production

We wrote, directed, and produced a humour-filled video campaign for Combi Cool, a firm specialising in the sale and installation of air-source heat pumps.
The Objective: Standout Video Marketing

Advertising Agency Bananas sought a breath of fresh air to market their client, Combi Cool. For a company engaged in selling and installing ASHPs, the desire was to create content that stands out from the crowd. Enter our video production team at Karu, armed with a quirky sense of humour. Our mission was to script and create ads tailored for both the cooling and heating seasons. The focus of the marketing was Samsung’s devices, targeting both end-users and installers.


Character-Driven Humour for Great Results

We aimed to design memorable characters for the campaign that would highlight the key features of Samsung’s products. The story had to offer continuity, suggesting that these characters should be versatile enough for multiple spots.

This led to the creation of Mr. Normal Guy and Mr. Wind Free – a contrasting duo. One always seems to need advice, while the other epitomises the most macho advertising clichés, always ready with an answer, delivered, of course, in the legendary, deep commercial voice.

The carefully planned production was cost-effectively carried out in a single day at one location. One spot was set in summer and the other in winter, so the contrasting weather conditions had to be created with special effects. While our team at Karu possesses extensive VFX expertise, practical effects were also employed – in this case, artificial snow. This approach also saved time in the already busy post-production phase. As a result: two adverts that sparked laughter on websites, online TV, and social media platforms.

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