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We produced a unique Christmas greeting for Osuuskauppa KPO. In a story that combines live-action, VFX and animation, Christmas decorations come alive and catch up on past year’s events.

Christmas was already near when we got a request for an unusual production. Marketing agency Daddy Finland had written a christmas greeting for Osuuskauppa KPO where Christmas decorations come alive and start catching up on past year’s events. Daddy Finland handled the voice-over work and coordination, while we got busy producing the rest of the film within a month – a unique challenge to say the least.



The creation of a picturesque Christmas started with a location hunt. In the meanwhile, our set decorator began to wrap presents and gather the rest of the decorations. Due to the tight schedule, we also began the design process for the animated characters before filming. We received the hilarious voice-overs made by Miracle Sound, and designed distinctive appearances – fitting the voice-acting performances – for each character.

During the shoot we got to concentrate on creating an idyllic Christmas atmosphere with lighting and decorations. The directorial work was also unusual: a majority of the ‘actors’ were inanimate objects and one adorable puppy. With some high-quality dog food and an efficient crew, we got it all in the can.

Post-production required a well-organised workflow and fast fingers in terms of editing and VFX work. In the end, all the pieces fell into place and the film was wrapped neatly just in time.

“Karu was an easy partner choice for us. Absolute reliability of delivery and open dialogue on creative decisions were very important to us. We knew from experience that Karu could provide both without fuss.”

Marco Pajari, Partner, Daddy Finland

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