Exhilarating Opening for YLE’s Grand Production


Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE), Lasten tasavalta






Lasten Tasavalta is a story about Finland which is led by children. This cheerful and experimental TV series required a striking opening sequence and flashy effects.


Lasten Tasavalta is one of YLE’s most ambitious TV productions for children to date. Karu’s task was to take charge of the programme’s appearance, including graphic design for props, the opening sequence and visual effects. The goal was to create an opening sequence that would not be skipped and VFX that brings the story to life.



Children and young teens are a tough crowd that doesn’t accept just anything. The ambitious concept and the target group of the programme made for a creatively challenging task. We worked closely with YLE’s set and costume designers to bring the show to life in a believable way.

The programme’s opening sequence combines different animation styles and aims to delight the viewer while introducing the programme’s central characters. We wanted the viewer to find something new every time they watched the opening. The cartoon-like colour splendour aims to appeal to the target group and stand out for marketing purposes as well.

Lasten Tasavalta  includes several different fictional businesses and TV programmes, for each of which we created their own visual style. We wanted all the material to be believable but also a caricature of the real world. The project allowed Karu’s versatile expertise and the creators’ own personal styles to shine.

"The collaboration with Karu was rich in ideas and excitement. Everything was delivered on schedule and even unexpected needs were met effortlessly. Karu’s work emits a desire to do such spectacular work that the customer comes back."

Rami Saarijärvi, Director, YLE

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