Futuristic tech reveal in the spirit of Tron







We brought a product concept to life with a Tron-inspired 3D animation.

Novatron wanted to showcase the possibilities of their new RTEC automation technology which was still in concept stage. The product was not yet available, so we had to illustrate the product with cinematic tools. The launch was international, so the video had to be easily localisable. One of the most important goals was to create a striking showcase that would work as an alluring reveal trailer for the product.



Future technology and our client’s name took our minds to Tron movies. The aesthetic of neon lights was a perfect fit for a trailer-like reveal video of high-end tech. At first we tried to attach led-strips to a real excavator, but after the physical challenges started to mount, we decided to abandon the shackles of the real-world and immerse ourselves in the possibilities of animation. With 3D animation we could reach just the type of look that we were after. Animation was also the perfect tool to illustrate the product’s properties and allowed for fast localisation to multiple languages.

“Karu came up with a Tron-esque 3D animation which served its purpose wonderfully. Karu’s people have a distinct ability to understand ‘real need’ and so find the right angle for marketing videos.”

- Mark Tasala, Marketing Director

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