Once upon a first school day


The Federation for Steiner Waldorf Education in Finland

Brand Films




Video production

We wrote and produced an inspiring brand film about the values and everyday life in Steiner Waldorf education.


The aim was to create an appealing story about the values and world of the Steiner Waldorf education. The target group was parents thinking about the first steps of their child’s education.



We decided to embrace the unique qualities of Steiner Waldorf education and make them the brand film’s core. We felt it was important to highlight the educational content and break preconceptions about the education system.

The starting point for the script was a suspicious mom whose preconceptions prove false throughout the story. The casting consisted of staff and students. We followed the path of a student from pre-school to high school in classrooms and study halls – truly a trip down memory lane. We traversed the path from childhood to early adulthood in the span of four days.

To top it all off, we created a publication plan for social media channels and made trailers and shorter social media videos highlighting the core values of Steiner Waldorf education. These shorter videos worked, not only as individual ads, but also as guides to the main campaign site.

“The atmosphere on set made actors relax and do their best. It was apparent that Karu wanted to make everyone shine!”

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