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Video production

We supported Guidin’s brand launch with multiple products, culminating in a spectacular launch event.

Guidin, which provides leadership management tools and coaching, had a stylish multi-channel launch for their renewed brand. The goal of the project was to create a solid foundation for the new identity, strengthen commitment among existing customers and staff, and to look forward as a trailblazer of HR solutions.



In the brand film, we wanted Guidin’s own employees to tell their story. After all, they are a company that supports the development of staff, so using the employees’ own voice and offering a glimpse into their work culture was a fitting solution. The scripted interview footage was spiced up with projected imagery. The brand film aimed to evoke emotions and strengthen the image of Guidin as a leader in the development of management.

In the photography, emphasis was placed on everyday situations at work, where introducing Guidin’s professionals and a sense of immediacy were the main foci. The photos were designed to be an important part of the new website.

The presentation of Guidin’s management tools was done simply and clearly with an animated instructional video. The animated guide got a human touch with an authentic and immediate narration.

Finally, all the pieces were brought together in a launch event that was powered by Karu’s livestream service. The event attracted a large audience and launched Guidin’s new brand spectacularly to the world.


"We are super happy with the whole package! Working with the people at Karu is effortless and fun. Karu is a trusted partner who can make things happen even in challenging conditions, adapts when needed, and always puts its expertise to use without compromise. The effectiveness of our cooperation and the final products speaks for itself – that's why Karu is our go-to partner."

- Tiina Sinisalo, Marketing Director, Guidin

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