PrimaCat product launch

All the animal lovers in the office rejoiced when PrimaCat decided to launch the new advertisement campaign with Karu Films. The basis was to bring the new packaging design alive in a multimedial ad campaign. Karu designed and carried out this colorful video series from start to finish.

In addition to the main video, the production included several different forms of advertising, both on social media and at bus stops. The aim was to showcase the diverse selection of PrimaCat’s product family to owners of different kinds of cats. During the shoot we got to know several fluffy actors!



The collaboration between Karu and PrimaCat is almosta as old as Karu itself. Our very first TV advertisement was made for PrimaCat. The low-rumbling voice belongs to none other than Jarmo Heikkinen, best known for the Avara Luonto nature documentaries.

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