Action movie for a product launch


Novatron - X-Site

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Video production

We designed an explosive, unapologetic and action-packed video for the launch of Novatron’s new operating system.

For Novatron’s new OS launch, they needed a video that would hit the audiences with the force of a ten-tonne excavator. The target group were professionals and resellers of the field. The most important goal was to catch the audience’s attention with something that gives them the chills and leaves them wanting for more.



Novatron knows their audience thoroughly. Professional’s dealing with heavy machinery know their business and value practical work. We decided to put the power of the excavator and the driver’s work on a high pedestal. Our goal was to make driving an excavator with the X-Site system look and sound like you’re sitting in a fighter jet, taking inspiration from some of the hottest action movies around. As a result, we spent some hot days at a gravel pit and tested our rigging skills and nerves with some crazy camera angles, topping it all off with some VFX magic. The resulting video left the audience gasping for air.

Karu’s crew got the hang of our ideas excellently. As a result, we got a great video that looks like us. We have used Karu’s services since 2018 and, as before, the project was fun and achieved its goals.”

- Marko Tasala, Marketing Director, Novatron


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