Doors of the Future


Polarteknik Oy

Video Marketing





Video production

We designed a striking reveal video of Polarteknik’s door system for the international market.


Polarteknik required a reveal video for their new Smart Partition Wall. The catch is the combination of the glass panel of a sliding door system with a transparent OLED screen. The product is cutting-edge so the marketing team needed something practical to prove that the product, in fact, exists. Our aim was therefore to design and produce a video that would showcase the product and its main specs.



We wanted to make an articulate yet exhilarating exhibit of this new technology. ‘From concept to the concrete’ was the main idea of the script. We decided to first show some details of the product in 3D animation, and then move to show the real product.

We opted to shoot in a studio so that we could control all the reflections on the metal and glass surfaces of the unit. To hide from the reflections, the cinematographer, for instance, had to robe himself at times in black fabric like he was cosplaying Darth Vader.

“We hired Karu Films to help with a product launch. The work was at the same time easy-going yet brisk-paced, a sign of experience and skill. The video was awesome.”

Mika Korhonen, Head of Development

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