Wonderful to be home!


YH-kodit, Ilme Marketing and Communications Company

Video Marketing



Video production

We designed and produced a sprightly spot advertisement with Ilme marketing company.


YH Kodit was looking for a distinctive and warm spot advertisement for Finnkino’s screens and online-TV advertising. The concept created with Ilme began from the thought of how nice it is to come home. Our aim was to execute the idea in a way that would be eye-catching and joyful.



Everything started with Ilme’s idea to make the video from the first person point of view. Our aim was to immerse the viewer into the moment when they arrive home. Animated graphics composited onto walls and objects brought the home alive.

Careful planning and precise choreography were an important part of the shoot so that all the beats could be hit and the video stayed within its time limit. The interior design and props were carefully chosen with post-production in mind. The director acted as the hand model so he got to work in tight unison with the cinematographer.

“We tossed the concept and script around together already before we sent it to our client. Maintaining close co-operation from the get go, it was easy to trust that the production goes smoothly and the result is exactly what we were after with the client.”

- Hanna Huotarinen, Key Account Manager, Ilme Marketing and Communications Company

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